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Contact Information

Contact Us

Co-President - Karen Csakany
Co-President - Maria Hughes
VP Year-Round Activities - Christine Mayer
VP Mini-Workshops - Anndrian Keller
Chair Cultural Enrichment - Debbie Kilmer
Co-Treasurers - Tammy Russo and Leigh Ann Mazzarulli
Corresponding Secretary - Christine Geller
Membership - Kristi McKee
Auction Chair - Bonny Egarian
Recording Secretary - Bridget Genovese
Yearbook - Nicole Gallagher

Standing Committees

Fall Fundraiser - Shelley Panny
Kids Coupons - Alicia Balzano

PTO Supported Programs
Moving Up Day - Melinda Scanlon
Slide Show - Nicole Gallagher
Garden Committee - Cindy Hirschmugl
Spirit Day Lunch - Maria Hughes
School Pictures - Nicole Gallagher

Self-Funding Activities
Book Fair - Stacy Hirsch and Christine Geller
Used Book Fair - Norma Waring
Harvest Fair - Erica Orofino
Family Bingo Night - Cindy Hirschmugl
Father’s Day Sale - Shelley Panny
Mother’s Day Sale - Shelley Panny
Holiday Sale - Lillian Goldstein
School Spirit Wear - Karen Csakany and Anndrian Keller

Goodwill and Administration
Staff Appreciation Day - Leigh Ann Mazzarulli
E-Newsletter/PTO Website - Kristi McKee
Holiday Food Drive - Miselys Salomon