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  • MCSD & the Putnam County Health Department Offer Free Flu Vaccinations

     The Putnam County Health Department has worked with the Mahopac Central School District to provide free influenza immunization to our school community.  Please read the attached letter, information about the influenza vaccine, and complete and return the consent form to your building principal's office if you would like your child to receive the flu vaccination.  

     School flu vaccination clinic schedule for 2016:

    Austin Road – 11/09/2016
    Fulmar Road – 11/10/2016 
    Lakeview Elementary – 11/10/2016
    Mahopac Middle School – 11/14/2016
    Mahopac High School – 11/15/2016

    Fulmar Road Elementary School
  • Transportation Information

    All transportation information will be available on Parent Portal beginning August 30, 2016. If you need access to Parent Portal, contact Marie Micol at (845)621-0656.

    Fulmar Road Elementary School
  • Moving?

    When planning to move within district or out of district at any time, please select the appropriate form and inform the main office at 845 628 0440.

    Fulmar Road Elementary School
  • Before and After School Child Care

    The YMCA in Somers provides before and after school child care programs at Fulmar Road. To register, call 914-276-2398 ext 10 or obtain a form in the Main Office.

    Fulmar Road Elementary School

  • Fulmar Students Learn How Beavers Helped Build The Hudson Valley

    “The fur trade made people want to live in the Hudson Valley,” Colin Remick, a naturalist from the Madden Outdoor Education Center at PNW BOCES, told Fulmar Road Elementary School students during a recent presentation at the school. Speaking on the importance of beavers for trade and commerce among early settlers and Native Americans, Remick also engaged students with hands-on activities and a slide presentation.

    “Beaver skins were used by the Native Americans to insulate wigwams because the waxy skin helped to keep the rain out,” Remick told students. “They even used it to line their canoes.”

    Native Americans also used the highly sought-after beaver skins to trade with European settlers. “They didn’t need to understand each other’s languages to trade,” Remick said, “they would just set up a blanket and put items on it to be bartered or traded.”

    Remick set up a “trading blanket” and gave students the chance to “barter” for goods such as skunk pelts, corn, soap a candle mold and a horseshoe. When asked to trade his skunk pelt for soap, one fourth grader wouldn’t agree until the other placed a horseshoe on the blanket. “I’ll take that,” he said, and a mutual fair trade took place.

    “Everyone has soap today,” Remick said, “but back then it was a commodity.”

    Students were excited by the hands-on learning of early American history. “This visit really ties in well with our unit on New York State history,” said Fulmar Road fourth grade teacher Maria Natiello. “It also fits in well with our review of animal adaptation in science.”

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  • Mahopac Firefighters Teach Safety and Prevention at Fulmar Road

    It’s never too early to learn about fire prevention and safety. Which is why Mahopac firefighters recently presented a hands-on fire-safety demonstration to kindergartners at Fulmar Road.

    If there is ever a fire, firefighter Jim Stasiak told students, “stay low and go. Go outside to a designated meeting place.”

    Firefighters also demonstrated their protective gear, including helmets and self-contained breathing masks.

    But the best part for many students may have been when they got to see a fire truck firsthand. As one student shouted when he saw the truck, “This is so cool!”



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